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Food retailers

Food Retailers is a product keeping in mind the requirements at a Food Court where there are different Counters operated by different Individuals / Organizations but fall under a particular Foodcourt Brand.

The product is based on prepaid Plastic Cards and operated in a keyboard less environment.

Some benefits of this system are as follows :
Accurate Sales Report of Counters on real time. / No Cash handling at Counters. / Proper Management of Menus & Prices. / Increases efficiency and reduces wait time for customers.

Smart Loyalty

Everyone knows repeat visitors are likely to buy more from you than new customers, hence one important question to ask yourself is - What's going to make my visitors come back for more ?

"People are loyal to specific companies because of their great products, may be they regularly buy from you, but the ability to connect yourself with these existing customers is severely limited."

Hence, if you haven't yet launched a loyalty program for your customers! Well then you are missing a important connectivity instrument. Smartloyaltycard.com brings a anytime, globally accessable Loyalty Program with convience.