Icreate Solutions


Its Simply very Simple

The year 2005 had witnessed the evolution of Icreate Solutions as a company devoted to creating custom software products, applications and websites.

Over the last few years as a team of freelancers we have created applications for clients and have been reassuring their assurance in us. Our work has served to a broad array of industries including warehousing, food courts, transporters, retails and so on. Our clients include both small and large scale organizations inclusive of high-tech players in the Information Technology sector.

We’ve been at the forefront of each and every era of development methodology — from the old days of structured programming, using crude operating systems and simple development tools, through the advent of object-oriented developments, client-server architectures and GUI operating systems, on to the explosion of Internet-related technologies and universal web-connectivity.

In this world, which is constantly in a flux, we have always remained firm in delivering commendable solutions to our clients.

We have created innovative and effective approaches to project management, designed to insure the success of every project while keeping control of costs. And we have made it the foundation of our business — in this era of offshore resources — to be available the moment you need us, to understand your requirements thoroughly and quickly, and to support you more responsively and effectively than any other resource you can find.

Our business is to service : by creating software products, applications and websites that perfectly fits your needs and your way of doing business.